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Capstone is derived from the Greek word "arche" meaning a beginning or first in order. In the dictionary it is defined as, "a final touch or winning achievement."


Capstone Resources exists to be the first in order of team members for your church building project and will be there to put the final touch or winning achievement at the completion.

At times leadership has told us that they feel "overwhelmed" or "inexperienced" when it comes to the building process. Some, more experienced leaders, just do not have the time it takes to develop and run a project. Either way, Capstone can assure that you are in the "driver's seat" and not the "back seat" when it comes to your project.

Let us do what we do best so you can do what you do best. Building a church is done maybe a handful of times, but leading your team and congregation is an everyday responsibility. Capstone is known for protecting the church leadership throughout the building project in order to allow them to care for the followers.

About Us



A salary and economic study revealed 44% of churches will be facing capital expansion issues in the coming months. 

If this is where you find yourself and don't know where to start, simply contact Capstone. Whether you are in the beginning of a new project or in the middle of a "stalled" project, there is a BEST process we have found that will make your project a success!

The Best Process

1      Analysis, Programming, & Planning

2      Design Team/ Value Engineering

3      Resource & Funding

4   Construction/ Use

What We Can Do

By allowing us to be your first team member, we can save you thousands of dollars and add years to the ministry "hairs on your head" by strategically bringing on the remaining team members in a timely and systematic manner. Let us help you avoid "false starts" and protect your credibility.


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"Having Capstone Resources as our side allowed me to do what I am called to do, lead the church, while knowing the building process was being handled effectively and efficiently. Every penny of this investment has been worth it!"

Jason St. John, Senior Pastor; Evangel Temple, Kansas City MO

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