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At Capstone we are convinced that the best way to deliver a construction project is to recognize that each church has its own specific personality, leadership and needs.

Site Analysis and Evaluation

We will begin a master plan and site evaluation to achieve maximum ministry enablement.

Budget Estimating

All "hard" and "soft" costs are considered to make a working budget.

Strategic Planning Report

A comprehensive report will reveal the financial capacity of your organization that will also be a tool for staff hiring and ministry dollar allocation. Churches have saved years of frustration and thousands of dollars with this forecasting guideline.


This piece alone has saved $30,000 - $102,000 per project and 3 months of planning time according to architects.

Team Selection

We will be there every step of the way as we interview and select the architect, contractor, financial partner, and campaign consultant. In the end, putting the right team in the field pays off.

Financial Proposal

Financial partners have told churches they saved between 1-2% on their interest break annually by using this tool, which results in saving thousands of dollars over the loan term.

Campaign Resources

With experience leading campaigns from one million to over six million, Capstone can help select the right campaign firm to achieve the maximum dollars raised so minimal loan interest will be paid.

Project Scheduling

Allowing you to have an "on time" and "on budget" will get you in the building faster and save you "mistake free" money!


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